Frequently Asked Questions


Time zone is the same as US Central Standard Time. Belize does not observe daylight savings time.


Belize comprises an area of 8,867 square miles. More than 65 percent of the country is forested. There are over 150 offshore islands and Belize boasts the second largest barrier reef in the world.


Total population is 321,115. English is the official language, but Spanish is spoken by almost half the population. Garifuna (Carib), Maya and Creole are also spoken as well as a German dialect (by the Mennonites).


The official currency for Belize is the Belize Dollar. The exchange rate is approximately BZ$2 to US$1 and currency can be exchanged at banks and hotels. Most businesses accept US Dollars and Credit Cards (American Express, Discovery, Master and Visa Cards). The tourism industry is the number one foreign exchange earner followed by marine products, citrus, cane sugar, bananas, and most recently oil.


US Travelers: Passports are required for all travelers, including children. Passports must be valid for the intended length of stay. Visas are not required.  

If traveling from another country, please refer to your government for specific entry and exit requirements.


In order to have mobile cellular service in Belize, an unlocked GSM (Global System Mobile Communication) 1900 MHz cellular phone is required.

Do I need shots?

None are required, but you might consider a gamma globulin shot for hepatitis A and B as they are a good idea anytime you travel as are boosters for tetanus. As for malaria pills, they can cause unpleasant side effects so many people choose to do without.  We don’t take them ourselves.

How do I get here?

We can arrange road, air or boat transportation for you to or from anywhere in Belize. Local airlines: Tropic Air provides transportation to and from  San Ignacio Airstrip (Maya Flats), just 3 miles from Sweet Songs and between all destinations within Belize, as well as Guatemala City, Flores, Guatemala and Cancun, Mexico. Sweet Songs includes transfer from the Belize International Airport in your package. 


The climate is subtropical, with a cooling breeze from the Caribbean Sea. Belize has an annual average temperature of 79 degrees Fahrenheit. Summer high temperatures seldom exceed 96 degrees Fahrenheit, and winter lows are rarely below 60 degrees Fahrenheit. The rainy season is between June and August and the dry season is from February through May.

Is there Air Conditioning?

Sweet Songs now has air conditioning in all casitas! Choose the King Casita, Double Queen Casita, or Two Bedroom Casita for a room with A/C. Many guests still choose not to use air conditioning and stay cool with the overhead fan. Most of the year, the rooms stay comfortable from the overhead jungle canopy and cooling tropical rains. The Guest Houses do not currently have air conditioning. Normally this is not an inconvenience for our guests, who get a more authentic jungle lodge experience. You'll be lulled to sleep by a cacophony of tropical sounds or waking up to the calls of Chachalacas and the screeching sounds of Yellow-headed Parrots, underpinned by the cooing of White-tipped Doves.


Check-in time is 3:00pm and check-out time is 11:00am.


While the tap water is technically safe to drink, we do not recommend that you do so. We provide water fillers in all of rooms.


Wireless internet service is available in the Treehouse Bar and Restaurant. It is also available in the office. Most rooms do not have internet access. This allows guests to truly disconnect and immerse themselves in the beauty of Belize.


Voltage is 110 and outlets are the same as in the USA.